"Numerous Filipino Films Selected for  the International Film Festival Manhattan Virtual Events 2020"

The International Film Festival announced it's Official Selection for it's Virtual Events happening online on November 19 to 22, 2020.

The festival is presented by LFP International Production Inc and co presented by: Tagline International, Oncue Media and Binary.

Programs will be posted on their website www.IFFMNYC.com

The following are the Filipino films that were selected from the hundreds of submissions from around the world.

Feature Film: 
"Latay (Battered Husband)" Dir: Ralston Jover, Starring Allen Dizon, Lovi Poe, Snooky Serna, Mariel de Leon and Diane Alvaro Producers: Baby Go, Dennis Evangelista, Ferdy Lapuz
Documentary Films
1) "In Paglayag A Sulu Story" Dir: Rhadem Morados
2) "Maglabay Ra In Sakit (The Pain Will Ease)" Dir: Mijan Jumalon
3) "Kagitingan (Valor)" Dir: 1Lt Balaram S. Tamayo
Short Films
1) "Biyaheng Madilim (A Night's Journey)" Dir: Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio starring Teri Onor
2) "Sulyap (The Glance)" Dir: Geraldo Jumawan, Win Suarez Compendio
3) "Garbo (Pride)" Dir: Alan Filoteo
4) "Tuta (Lapdog)" Dir: Nadyn Estacio, Celina Makani
5) "Sa Apat Na Sulok" Dir: Scarlet Mendoza
6) "Kulong The Lockdown Story" Dir: Michael Daya
7) "Filius (Son)" Dir: Justin Allen Caspulso
8) "Padayon (Keep Going)" Dir: Clanche Dayve Belleza
9) "ANX" Dir: Jorge Bryan Marquez
10) "LOL" Dir: Mark Justine Aguillon

Quarancine Film Festival Top 3 Winners from the Philippines (as prize competes at IFFM).
11) "Sa Pag Uwi" Dir: Melchor Avila Berja
12) "Namnama En Lolang (Grandmother's Hope)" Dir: Jonnie Lyn Dasalla
13) "Blue Room Feelings" Dir: Ruka Azuma

Filipino American Filmmakers in the Festival
Feature Films:
1) "Take Out Girl" Producer: MJ Del Rosario
2) "Karma the Movie" Director: Ricardo Catalan Jr
3) "Unspoken" Producer: Rodney Reyes

Short Films:
1) "Fish Head" Director: Marcos Durian starring Madison Rojas
2) "House Rules" Director Girard Tecson

Featured in the festival as well  is Khatak Film Society Short film program co curated by NY based Filipino Filmmaker Jameelah Rose Lineses. 

This year we will be honoring Veteran Award Winning Filipino Director Louie Ignacio as our Lifetime Achievement Awardee. A Posthumous Award will be given to Frontliner Occupational Therapist / Award Winning Filmmaker / Co Founder of the International Film Festival Manhattan Filipino American Gerry Balasta who passed away due to Covid 19 last March 2020.

Other countries represented are USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Estonia, India, Japan, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Macau, China, Russia, Italy, Myanmar, Tibet, Austria, Switzerland.

The topics and genre covered in the festival are the  global pandemic due to the Corona Virus, senior issues, depression, health care system, beauty pageantry, military, war, crime, drama and horror.

Luis Pedron, Festival Director of the International Film Festival Manhattan says "Due to the Worldwide Pandemic, the International Film Festival Manhattan will be doing Virtual Events happening online (ticketed with limited time) on November 19 to 22, 2020. Decision to do so was because of the lockdowns and limited travel around the world due to the Pandemic. There is also lack of live events happening in NY. Meanwhile, we plan to do meaningful (for the filmmakers and audience alike) Virtual Events Online. Doing the festival virtually will give us the  opportunity of reaching a new audience beyond the borders of Manhattan NY. It gave us hope. Thus, we have our theme this year as 'Digital Hope.'

I will always feature Filipino films as part of my festival programming not only because I'm proud of being Filipino but because I am proud of the artistry of Filipino Filmmakers! Mabuhay ang Pelikulang Pilipino!"

Schedule of events and tickets will be announced on www.IFFMNYC.com

Festival Director Awards
1) Best Student Film:
A)"Tuta (Lapdog)" Dir: Celina Makani, Nadyn Estacio (Philippines)
B)"Mum's Hairpins" Dir:Tatiana Federovskaya (Russian Federation)
C) "Blue Room Feelings" Dir: Ruka Azuma (Philippines)
Winner: “Mum’s Hairpins” Dir:Tatiana Federovskaya Russian Federation

2) Best Screenplay
A)"Kagitingan (Valor)" Writer: 1Lt Balaram Tamayo (Philippines)
B) "Into Gray" Writer: Andrew Froening (USA)
Winner: "Kagitingan (Valor) Writer 1Lt Balaram Tamayo (Philippines)

3) Best Cinematography
A)Shigeaki Kimura "The Menu For Tomorrow" (Japan)
B) Michael Schindegger "Ghost of a Chance" (USA / Austria)
Winner: Shigeaki Kimura “The Menu For Tomorrow” (Japan)

4) Best Music Video
A) “Are You Human” Dir: Michael Wiehart (USA)
B) “It Will Be Fine” Dir: Anna Berndt Artist Brix Schaumburg (Germany)
C) “Tsedung” Artist: Tenzin Tsering AKA “BHUCHUNG”, Dir: Tenzin Tsering “BHUCHUNG” and Karma Yeshi Namdak, (India | Tibet)
Winner: “Tsedung” Artist: Tenzin Tsering “BHUCHUNG”, Dir: Tenzin Tsering “BHUCHUNG” and Karma Yeshi Namdak (India | Tibet)

5) IFFM Most Popular (Highest Promo Views)
Winner: "Kagitingan (Valor) Writer 1Lt Balaram Tamayo (Philippines)

6) Best Actor Short
A) Teri Onor "Biyaheng Madilim (A Night's Journey)" (Philippines)
B) Michael Brantl "Walls" (USA)
Winner: Teri Onor "Biyaheng Madilim (A Night's Journey)" (Philippines)

7) Best Actress Short
A) Roberta Pazi "The Nightingale of the Sea" (Italy)
B) Scarlet Mendoza "Kulong The Lockdown Story" (Philippines)
Winner: Roberta Pazi "The Nightingale of the Sea" Italy

8) Best Director Short
Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio "Biyaheng Madilim (A Night's Journey)" (Philippines)
Casper Holtzen "Sorry We're Closed" (USA)
Winner: Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio "Biyaheng Madilim (A Night's Journey)" (Philippines)

9) Best Director Feature Film
Niki Iliev "Reunion" (Bulgaria)
Pradesh Unnikrishnan "Irumbu" (India)
Winner: Niki Iliev " Reunion' (Bulgaria)

10) Best Actor Feature Film
Maanav "Irumbu" (India)
Allen Dizon “Latay ( Battered Husband)” (Philippines)
Winner: Allen Dizon “Latay ( Battered Husband) (Philippines)

11) Best Actress Feature Film
A) Lovi Poe "Latay (Battered Husband)" (Philippines)
B) Hedy Wong "Take Out Girl" (USA)
C) Frances Lozada "Unspoken" (USA)
Winner: Lovi Poe "Latay (Battered Husband)" (Philippines)

12) Independent Achievement Award
All 4 are Co-Winners
A) "Sulyap (The Glance)" Dir Geraldo Jumawan Sherwin Compendio / Producer AVP and Bahandi Films (Philippines)
B) "Garbo (Pride) Dir: Alan Filoteo Producer: Filcor Multimedia Studio (Philippines)
C) "LOL" Dir: Mark Justine Aguillon Producer Click PH Production (Philippines / Macau)
D) "Blue Room Feelings" Dir: Ruka Azuma, Producer The Cramming Company (Philippines)

13) Gerry Balasta Advocacy Award
Winner: "We Are All In This Together" Dir: Daniel Troia, (USA)
Jury Awards
Special Citation Awards
14) Jury Award Special Citation Creativity of Cinematic Vision:
Winner: Lenses Dir: Carlos Smith (Colombia)

15) Jury Award Honorary Citation for Performance in a Supporting Role
Winner: Liisa Linhem Eerie Fairy Tales (Estonia)

16) Jury Award Best Ensemble Acting Award Citation
Winner: Cast of “Take Out Girl” (USA)

Jury Awards

17) Jury Award Best Short Film:
A) “Fish Head” Director: Marcos Durian (USA)
B) “Lenses” Dir: Carlos Smith (Colombia)
C) "To Feel Your Broken Arms” Dir: Emilia Ruiz (Spain)
Winner: “Fish Head” Director: Marcos Durian (USA)

18) Jury Award Best Documentary
A) “In Paglayag A Sulu Story” Dir: Rhadem Morados (Philippines)
B) “Diagnosing Healthcare” Dir: Paul Roberts (USA)
Winner: “In Paglayag A Sulu Story” Dir: Rhadem Morados (Philippines)

19) Jury Award Best Performance (Male or Female, Short or Feature)
A) Snooky Serna "Latay (Battered Husband)" (Philippines)
B) Lovi Poe "Latay (Battered Husband)" (Philippines)
C) Allen Dizon "Latay (Battered Husband)" (Philippines)
D) Hedy Wong "Take Out Girl" (USA)
E) Ski Carr "Take Out Girl" (USA)
F) Liisa Linheim "Eerie Fairy Tales" (Estonia)
G) Madison Rojas "Fish Head" (USA)
Winner: Madison Rojas " Fish Head" (USA)

20) Jury Award Best Narrative USA
"Unspoken" Dir: Daryl Denner
"Take Out Girl" Dir: Hissoni Johnson
Winner: "Take Out Girl” Dir: Hissoni Johnson
Producer MJ Del Rosario, Hissoni Johnson and Hedy Wong

21) Jury Award Best Narrative Global
A) "Latay (Battered Husband) Dir: Ralston Jover (Philippines)
B) "Eerie Fairy Tales Dir: Mart Sander (Estonia)
Winner: "Latay ( Battered Husband) Dir: Ralston Jover (Philippines)

Lifetime Achievement Awardees:
22) Posthumous Award Lifetime Achievement Award for
Occupational Therapist Frontliner, Filmmaker and Co Founder of the International Film Festival Manhattan
Awardee: Gerry Balasta

23) Junior Lifetime Achievement Awardee:
Frontliner, Now Retired NYPD and Filmmaker
Awardee: Brian Pollock

24) Lifetime Achievement Awardee:
Veteran TV and Film Director
Awardee: Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio

Honorable Mentions
1) "Irumbu" Dir: Pradeesh Unnikrishnan (India)
2) "Unspoken" Dir: Daryl Denner (USA)
3) "Dolores" Dir: Bobby de Jesus (USA)
4) "History of the US with Professor Norman” Dir: Ben Morris (USA)
5) "New Endings" Dir: Diana Espinosa (USA)
6) "I'm Fine" Dir: Justine Ho (USA)
7) "Are You Human" Dir: Michael Wiehart (USA)
8) "Tuta (Lapdog)" Dir: Nadyn Estacio, Celina Makani (Philippines)
9) "It Will Be Fine" Dir: Anne Berndt (Germany)
10) "Sorry We're Closed" Dir: Casper Holtzen (USA)
11) "Ripple" Dir: Nachayka Vanterpool (USA)
12) "Sentir Tus Brazos Rotos (To Feel Your Broken Arms)" Dir: Emilia Ruiz (Spain)
13) "Kulong The Lockdown Story" Dir: Michael Daya (Philippines)
14) "Padayon (Keep Going)" Dir: Clanche Dayve Belleza (Philippines)
15) "How To Make Your Passion Project: Dir: Joseph Holmes (USA)
16) "You" Dir: Jess Carson (USA)
17) " The Healing" Dir: Papa Jean (USA)
18) "House Rules" Dir: Girard Tecson (USA)
19) "Zoe's Dumpling Crisis Dir: Ellen Rodnianski (USA)
20) " Anna" Dir: Dekel Berenson (UK)
21) "Sa Pag Uwi" Dir: Melchor Avila Berja (Philippines)
22) "Namnama En Lolang (Gransdmother's Hope)" Dir: Jonnie Lyn Dasalla (Philippines)
23) “TAMDIN: Story Behind The Lens” Dir: Norbu Tsering “NORTSE.PRODUCTION” (India,Tibet)
24) “Boss” Dir: Siraj Huda (USA)
25) “Ghost of a Chance” Dir: Manes Duerr (USA, Austria)