International Film Festival Manhatan Virtual Events 2021

LFP International Production Inc Presents: International Film Festival Manhattan Autumn 2021 October 14 to 17, 2021
(Hybrid Online and in Person Events)


Excited to invite the whole world to watch films at the International Film Festival Manhattan Autumn 2021. Catalog of films updated every day! October 14 to 17, 2021 #IFFMNYCAutumn2021


Gerard Mendez

Amazing experience. Luis Pedron, president of the event, is a humble and very pleasant human being. It was an honor having my film screened on Gala night.

Dexter Macaraeg

The intimate International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM) in the heart New York City's Producers Club neighborhood was a delight to attend as well as to showcase my work. The festival's director Luis Pedron was very accommodating and communicated everything clearly, and the entire staff, namely Jeanette Marco, Chiara Noble Garay was a joy to work with. I even invited my good friend Tom Ortega to witness my first IFFMNYC participation. I enjoyed all the films and am looking forward to attending next year.

Gazanfer Biricik

Happy to take part of International Film Festival Manhattan , it was great and pleased to be selected. It's a high standing film festival with a good selection of films, high level and high quality. Really honored to be one of these films. Thanks to the team and cheers

Steven de Castro

I am proud to say that international film festival of Manhattan was the first festival to recognize my film, which has gone on to win 3 competition awards, and an official recognition award from the government of the Philippines. This festival is where independent films get their start!

Mark Levitt

Great festival! Great Q & A Sessions. Be prepared to answer questions! Plenty of chance to network and shmooze with fellow filmmakers. Fun, supportive atmosphere! Swanky award night. Awesome communications with Luis Pedron, the Co-Founder / Festival Director / & Programmer. HIghly recommended


Great festival to have your works screened. screenings are supported by other filmmakers and an enthusiastic audience. Opening festivities are always fun ! Take a chance and submit to this festival , Mr.Pedron makes it his business to make sure that everything is happening in NY midtown/time square area!

Mark Justine Aguillon

Having an opportunity to showcase our masterpiece is really a great honor for us. We are very thankful to IFFM because they become an instrument for us to achieved our dream. I must say that this is a well organized and great festival. Looking forward to the next season.

Rodney Reyes

Luis Pedron and the organizers of the International Film Festival Manhattan NYC are possibly one of the most gracious, passionate, generous group of people to be working in a film festival. They are always trying to help filmmakers with their next step. They are so generous when it comes to their time and trying to help others by networking with other people. Luis and co. take the time to introduce the filmmakers and give them a platform not just with their screening but also in the q&a. I have met other independent filmmakers through these festivals and have garnered some significant collaborations from them as well.

Jameelah Rose Del Prado Lineses

From Best Student Film to Most Popular IFFM Promo to Honorable Mentions and finally, winner of Best Cinematography. The International Film Festival Manhattan surely has paved the way for me in becoming a recognized filmmaker in multiple countries such as my hometown Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and the United States.

In Saudi Arabia alone, I was featured in multiple media outlets - 3 newspapers (2 which are leading English newspapers namely Saudi Gazette and Arab News). I also had the opportunity to be guested on a famous radio show in Saudi Arabia called, MIXFM-KSA Laish HipHop with Big Hass. I also had the opportunity to screen 2 of my films at a local film festival held at the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts Jeddah Literary Cultural Club where I was the only Filipino national and female filmmaker who has ever done so.

In the Philippines, I was awarded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the Ani Ng Dangal/"Harvest of Honors" for Cinema for one of my works because of my achievement at the International Film Festival Manhattan. Ani ng Dangal/"Harvest of Honors" is a state recognition given by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts under the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Along with other IFFM awardees, I was also featured in multiple media outlets such as but not limited to: Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rappler, Film Academy of the Philippines.

My alma mater, the New York Film Academy has also featured all my achievements at the International Film Festival Manhattan on their website.

The film festival director/co-founder/programmer, Luis, is very welcoming, friendly, responsive and helpful along with his team - Jeanette and Chiara. They make sure that you are comfortable and are all set before the film festival period starts. IFFM not only gives you the opportunity to screen your films but they are also very generous with their time during the Q&A. I have met a lot of really talented people through IFFM and have collaborated with a few through the years.

If you are a filmmaker (especially new and upcoming filmmakers), and you want to have the same opportunity that I had in being able to have the chance in screening your film at film festival in New York City, I highly recommend you submit to IFFM!

I have always wanted to screen my film at a film festival. It has been one of dreams and it came true because of IFFM. The International Film Festival Manhattan was also the first ever film festival I submitted to after graduating from film school. I'm glad I did. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

My experiences at the International Film Festival Manhattan is something that I will treasure. Thank you very much IFFM for everything! Wishing you the best and more succeeding years to come!

Andrew Froening

If you want an amazing film festival experience and you don't submit here, you're doing it wrong! Luis, Jeanette, and Co. worked some kind of magic to make a large international festival feel like a personalized experience. Great venues, great food, and even better people. You need to submit your project here today!

Algis Kemzys

I so love the "International Film Festival Manhattan" for selecting and screening our movie "The Messenger Hermes Remembers" BAK Productions.

It meant so much to me considering that two of my best friends, Lord Byron Ayanoglu, my Husband, My Lover, Producer, Writer & Actor playing Zeus in the movie. We have also been married for the last 35 years. Then Paul William Roberts, writer, and Oxford Scholar who plays me as Hermes Sr in my movie and was a man of keen intelligence and wit. He has written some of the most influential books I have ever read and am so thankful that he saved my movie by being in it.

Both Uber Menches died at the beginning of summer. I personally have been in a non-stop panic attack since the loss of two of my two best friends that meant more than anything in this world to me.

I was so thrilled that the final edit of the movie had the chance to be shown in the BIG APPLE one more time for good measure, so I feel like there has been closure.

Both Byron Ayanoglu and Paul William Roberts loved NYC, so I am so pleased that this screening occurred.

There is nothing better than being shown at a Film Festival with Manhattan in its name and has been producing its festival for the last 9 years. May they live long and prosper and I THANK Luis Perdon with everything in my heart.

From what I understand, because I was not able to attend they had a wonderful reception and the hospitality and professionalism were indeed Great.

I bless and Thank the International Film Festival Manhattan for allowing my film to be shown one last time in NYC, even before my own death, which shall be soon; like even today.

I so Pray for our souls and this Festival! So if you care for original work screened in the biggest Apple in the world select this Festival for the Best of all possible worlds.

Melissa Del Roario

International Film Festival Manhattan was a wonderful film festival to be apart of! Hope to be able to screen at this festival every year going forward. The organizers behind the festival are wonderful; very accommodating, helpful, and responsive. My one criticism is that I wish I had more time to spend at the film festival. Our film's reception was so great, and the marketing was on point. Networking opportunities and fantastic personalized spotlight on filmmakers at Q&A. Highly recommend submitting!

Ella Mage

The IFFM was one of the most exciting experiences I have had. It paved the way for our film to be in other festivals. If there was one festival that started it all, it’s this one! Looking forward to the next years with you. Cheers and kudos to the team and Luis Pedron!

Dara Semerad

It was a great experience. Everyone was very professional and our film got a lot of exposure. Thank you so much.

Darren Press
Co-Director "Theresa is a Mother" IFFM Alum 2012

IFFM delivers everything an indie filmmaker craves, focused attention, great screening facilities, networking events and contact with the organizers. We don not need this because we are spoiled, quite the opposite, festivals can be difficult and stressful for filmmakers and when we see a festival trying hard and coming through it creates a fantastic and supportive atmosphere. I have remained in contact with many people I met at IFFM 2012. I have screened my films at over 40 film festivals throughout the world and IFFM ranks as one of the best I have ever attended.

Will Fredo
Director/Producer Hubo Productions, IFFM Alum 2011 and 2012

Dear Luis, Thank you for giving yourself, your 100% self in promulgating Independent films through your charity work, your festivals, and your tireless support to Independent Artists like myself. You have been an inspiration to many. I know that all the work that you will do in the future will bear fruits for the younger generation. I pray that you keep that fire burning. Let your passion for films continue to shine bright.

Crystal Diane Stevens
Producer "Organized Criminal," IFFM Alum 2012

Being a part of the IFFM was a truly wonderful experience. As a film-maker, the IFFM's dedication and support has been priceless. I cannot wait to be a part of their festival again this year in 2013.

Sean Lynch (Mtv)
Executive Producer, "Tilting at Windmills," IFFM Alum 2012

IFFM is one of the last genuine forums for independent film. Filmmaker from across the globe uniting for 4 days of celebrating each other's passion projects. Luis Pedron is the Pied Piper of the indie film scene. His enthusiasm is contagious and his love of film is evident. I'm proud to be a part of this cinema shindig!

Louis Lautman
Exec Producer, "The YES Movie" theYESmovie.com IFFM Alum 2012

Being a part of the International Film Festival Manhattan 2012 was a great experience. It was well run and very well put together. It is worth checking out and has a great community.

Lovari (Executive Producer - Saving Julian)
Recording Artist/SAG-AFTRA Actor, LovariWorld.com IFFM Alum 2012

My experience with the coordinators and staff of the International Film Festival Manhattan was a pleasant one. The screenings were in the heart of the East Village and the festival q&a interviews during the beginning of each evening were an added bonus.

Perry Escano
Director/Producer "Alibi" IFFM Alum 2012

International Film Festival Manhattan has the greatest impact and so that you can grow as a filmmaker and get more exposure. Producers and distributors are discovering potential filmmakers in this prestigious film festival. I am incredibly honored, proud and blessed to be part of this international film festival. https://www.facebook.com/triple.mp?fref=ts

Kevin Leigh, Actor/Producer "Battery Acid"
Alain Le, Director, Producer "Battery Acid" IFFM Alum 2012

It was a pleasurable and humbling experience for our first film festival screening at the IFFM 2012. We learned a lot from it and will continue growing with the IFFM family.

Ben van Bergen
Director/Writer/Producer "1-800-MOB-DIRECT" IFFM Alum 2012

The IFFM 2012 was a wonderful event. Produced well by Luis Pedron and his team and there were a number of films that were displaying awesome talent from all over the world. It gave me an opportunity to showcase some of the work my team and I were able to put together on short notice. A festival worth being part of. www.benvanbergen.com

Steven de Castro / Rose Yapching
Producers Credibility Media.com, IFFM Alum 2011 & 2012

As independent filmmakers, we have seen how Luis Pedron is an integral and visible part of the film community in New York. Through his leadership in film festivals and his support of individual films, New Yorkers have been given rare opportunities to see films from all over the world. In particular, his discovery and support of exceptional artists both here and abroad is indispensable. Luis has enabled thousands of people to learn about and experience the work of countless talented filmmakers.

Niki Iliev
Director/Producer/Actor "The Foreigner" IFFM Alum

It was my first time in New York last November 2012. My flight was late so I went to IFFM awards straight from the airport. I was immediately awarded with Best Global Narrative for my movie "The Foreigner" and asked to appear on stage. It was a great experience. Me and my wife had a wonderful week at IFFM thanks to Luis, Gerry and the whole crew of the festival. We've met many nice people there and we were threaded with hospitality. I recommend it to everyone who are making movies.

Albert Chan Paran
Actor "Julie" Alum 2015

Winning an International Film Festival Manhattan New York City 2015 Best Actor for Short Film has changed my life for the best like never been before. It's the greatest honor and recognition any actors will ever receive by giving pride & honor to our country, the Philippines. My win was published online and in the daily broadsheets both in the US of A and in the Philippines for months. I was considered the Festival Superstar that night in the Kalayaan Hall of the Philippine Consulate General NYC because of my highly emotional acceptance speech. Because of that honor, I was given a certificate of recognition by my alma mater during the silver jubilee homecoming and the Presidential state honor in the 8th Ani ng Dangal 2016. Thank you, Sir Luis Pedron and thank you to my IFFM NYC family. I love you all.

Steven De Castro http://klightstudio.com
http://credibilitymedia.com newyorkustan.com IFFM Alum 2011 2012

IFFM gave my film a real head start in the industry. It's a great place for burgeoning filmmakers to get noticed and to take risks! For photography: View videos: View my award-winning web series:

Tetsu Shiratori Director
INORI - Prayer-Conversation w/ Something Great, IFFM Alum 2012

I deeply resonate with the mission of International Film Festival Manhattan. IFFM's dedication to the world is most precious, noting its significance in placing its base and sending out clear and productive visions from Manhattan, NY, the center of Worldwide Art Culture. I have no doubt that IFFM would lead our world to a better place, and here I send my deepest respect and appreciation for your contribution to our society.

Maria Diane Ventura
Director/Writer/Producer "TheRapist" IFFM Alum 2012

My unforgettable experience and win at the IFFM was the catalyst that I had needed to encourage me to follow the path that I have always wanted. The support, encouragement and belief of the festival members in the films and filmmakers is nothing short of inspiring. I am forever grateful to IFFM for pushing me in the right direction and I know that your mission and passion for film will inspire more filmmakers and artists to create and produce great work. Thank you for allowing a neophyte such as myself to have the platform for creative expression. I am honored and forever indebted.