My unforgettable experience and win at the IFFM was the catalyst that I had needed to encourage me to follow the path that I have always wanted. The support, encouragement and belief of the festival members in the films and filmmakers is nothing short of inspiring. I am forever grateful to IFFM for pushing me in the right direction and I know that your mission and passion for film will inspire more filmmakers and artists to create and produce great work. Thank you for allowing a neophyte such as myself to have the platform for creative expression. I am honored and forever indebted.

Maria Diane Ventura
Director/Writer/Producer "TheRapist" IFFM Alum 2012

I deeply resonate with the mission of International Film Festival Manhattan. IFFM's dedication to the world is most precious, noting its significance in placing its base and sending out clear and productive visions from Manhattan, NY, the center of Worldwide Art Culture. I have no doubt that IFFM would lead our world to a better place, and here I send my deepest respect and appreciation for your contribution to our society.

Tetsu Shiratori Director
INORI - Prayer-Conversation w/ Something Great, IFFM Alum 2012

Winning an International Film Festival Manhattan New York City 2015 Best Actor for Short Film has changed my life for the best like never been before. It's the greatest honor and recognition any actors will ever receive by giving pride & honor to our country, the Philippines. My win was published online and in the daily broadsheets both in the US of A and in the Philippines for months. I was considered the Festival Superstar that night in the Kalayaan Hall of the Philippine Consulate General NYC because of my highly emotional acceptance speech. Because of that honor, I was given a certificate of recognition by my alma mater during the silver jubilee homecoming and the Presidential state honor in the 8th Ani ng Dangal 2016. Thank you, Sir Luis Pedron and thank you to my IFFM NYC family. I love you all.

Albert Chan Paran
Actor "Julie" Alum 2015

IFFM gave my film a real head start in the industry. It's a great place for burgeoning filmmakers to get noticed and to take risks! For photography: View videos: View my award-winning web series:

Steven De Castro http://klightstudio.com
http://credibilitymedia.com newyorkustan.com IFFM
Alum 2011 2012
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