It was my first time in New York last November 2012. My flight was late so I went to IFFM awards straight from the airport. I was immediately awarded with Best Global Narrative for my movie "The Foreigner" and asked to appear on stage. It was a great experience. Me and my wife had a wonderful week at IFFM thanks to Luis, Gerry and the whole crew of the festival. We've met many nice people there and we were threaded with hospitality. I recommend it to everyone who are making movies.

Niki Iliev
Director/Producer/Actor "The Foreigner" IFFM Alum

As independent filmmakers, we have seen how Luis Pedron is an integral and visible part of the film community in New York. Through his leadership in film festivals and his support of individual films, New Yorkers have been given rare opportunities to see films from all over the world. In particular, his discovery and support of exceptional artists both here and abroad is indispensable. Luis has enabled thousands of people to learn about and experience the work of countless talented filmmakers.

Steven de Castro / Rose Yapching
Producers CredibilityMedia.com, IFFM Alum 2011 & 2012

The IFFM 2012 was a wonderful event. Produced well by Luis Pedron and his team and there were a number of films that were displaying awesome talent from all over the world. It gave me an opportunity to showcase some of the work my team and I were able to put together on short notice. A festival worth being part of. www.benvanbergen.com

Ben van Bergen
Director/Writer/Producer "1-800-MOB-DIRECT" IFFM
Alum 2012

It was a pleasurable and humbling experience for our first film festival screening at the IFFM 2012. We learned a lot from it and will continue growing with the IFFM family.

Kevin Leigh, Actor/Producer "Battery Acid"
Alain Le, Director, Producer "Battery Acid" IFFM Alum 2012
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