The IFFM was one of the most exciting experiences I have had. It paved the way for our film to be in other festivals. If there was one festival that started it all, it’s this one! Looking forward to the next years with you. Cheers and kudos to the team and Luis Pedron!

Ella Mage

International Film Festival Manhattan was a wonderful film festival to be apart of! Hope to be able to screen at this festival every year going forward. The organizers behind the festival are wonderful; very accommodating, helpful, and responsive. My one criticism is that I wish I had more time to spend at the film festival. Our film's reception was so great, and the marketing was on point. Networking opportunities and fantastic personalized spotlight on filmmakers at Q&A. Highly recommend submitting!

Melissa Del Roario

I so love the "International Film Festival Manhattan" for selecting and screening our movie "The Messenger Hermes Remembers" BAK Productions.

It meant so much to me considering that two of my best friends, Lord Byron Ayanoglu, my Husband, My Lover, Producer, Writer & Actor playing Zeus in the movie. We have also been married for the last 35 years. Then Paul William Roberts, writer, and Oxford Scholar who plays me as Hermes Sr in my movie and was a man of keen intelligence and wit. He has written some of the most influential books I have ever read and am so thankful that he saved my movie by being in it.

Both Uber Menches died at the beginning of summer. I personally have been in a non-stop panic attack since the loss of two of my two best friends that meant more than anything in this world to me.

I was so thrilled that the final edit of the movie had the chance to be shown in the BIG APPLE one more time for good measure, so I feel like there has been closure.

Both Byron Ayanoglu and Paul William Roberts loved NYC, so I am so pleased that this screening occurred.

There is nothing better than being shown at a Film Festival with Manhattan in its name and has been producing its festival for the last 9 years. May they live long and prosper and I THANK Luis Perdon with everything in my heart.

From what I understand, because I was not able to attend they had a wonderful reception and the hospitality and professionalism were indeed Great.

I bless and Thank the International Film Festival Manhattan for allowing my film to be shown one last time in NYC, even before my own death, which shall be soon; like even today.

I so Pray for our souls and this Festival! So if you care for original work screened in the biggest Apple in the world select this Festival for the Best of all possible worlds.

Algis Kemzys

If you want an amazing film festival experience and you don't submit here, you're doing it wrong! Luis, Jeanette, and Co. worked some kind of magic to make a large international festival feel like a personalized experience. Great venues, great food, and even better people. You need to submit your project here today!

Andrew Froening
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