From Best Student Film to Most Popular IFFM Promo to Honorable Mentions and finally, winner of Best Cinematography. The International Film Festival Manhattan surely has paved the way for me in becoming a recognized filmmaker in multiple countries such as my hometown Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and the United States.

In Saudi Arabia alone, I was featured in multiple media outlets - 3 newspapers (2 which are leading English newspapers namely Saudi Gazette and Arab News). I also had the opportunity to be guested on a famous radio show in Saudi Arabia called, MIXFM-KSA Laish HipHop with Big Hass. I also had the opportunity to screen 2 of my films at a local film festival held at the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts Jeddah Literary Cultural Club where I was the only Filipino national and female filmmaker who has ever done so.

In the Philippines, I was awarded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the Ani Ng Dangal/"Harvest of Honors" for Cinema for one of my works because of my achievement at the International Film Festival Manhattan. Ani ng Dangal/"Harvest of Honors" is a state recognition given by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts under the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Along with other IFFM awardees, I was also featured in multiple media outlets such as but not limited to: Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rappler, Film Academy of the Philippines.

My alma mater, the New York Film Academy has also featured all my achievements at the International Film Festival Manhattan on their website.

The film festival director/co-founder/programmer, Luis, is very welcoming, friendly, responsive and helpful along with his team - Jeanette and Chiara. They make sure that you are comfortable and are all set before the film festival period starts. IFFM not only gives you the opportunity to screen your films but they are also very generous with their time during the Q&A. I have met a lot of really talented people through IFFM and have collaborated with a few through the years.

If you are a filmmaker (especially new and upcoming filmmakers), and you want to have the same opportunity that I had in being able to have the chance in screening your film at film festival in New York City, I highly recommend you submit to IFFM!

I have always wanted to screen my film at a film festival. It has been one of dreams and it came true because of IFFM. The International Film Festival Manhattan was also the first ever film festival I submitted to after graduating from film school. I'm glad I did. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

My experiences at the International Film Festival Manhattan is something that I will treasure. Thank you very much IFFM for everything! Wishing you the best and more succeeding years to come!

Jameelah Rose Del Prado Lineses

Luis Pedron and the organizers of the International Film Festival Manhattan NYC are possibly one of the most gracious, passionate, generous group of people to be working in a film festival. They are always trying to help filmmakers with their next step. They are so generous when it comes to their time and trying to help others by networking with other people. Luis and co. take the time to introduce the filmmakers and give them a platform not just with their screening but also in the q&a. I have met other independent filmmakers through these festivals and have garnered some significant collaborations from them as well.

Rodney Reyes

Having an opportunity to showcase our masterpiece is really a great honor for us. We are very thankful to IFFM because they become an instrument for us to achieved our dream. I must say that this is a well organised and great festival. Looking forward to the next season.

Mark Justine Aguillon

Great festival to have your works screened.

screenings are supported by other filmmakers and an enthusiastic audience. Opening festivities are always fun ! Take a chance and submit to this festival , Mr.Pedron makes it his business to make sure that everything is happening in NY midtown/time square area!

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